Points to check before placing order:-
  • Your Instagram and Twitter profile should be public. We can’t deliver followers if profile is in private and no refund would be made.
  • For YouTube likes order, there should not be any restrictions in YouTube video settings.
  • YouTube video should be public.
  • Facebook post should be public and make them everyone can like the post / photo.
  • We can’t remove the comments once posted (For instagram custom comments & youtube comments)
  • Sometimes delay happens due to heavy load. So, please be patient for sometime for delivery.
  • Please click on “Return to merchant” button on paypal payment page for faster order processing



Refund Policy:-

We can’t refund after your order has been delivered or in progress. We never offer refund for completed orders. We will provide refund in case we can’t complete your order. So, PayPal dispute / charge back will be denied at any circumstance. Please make sure before placing order.

Do not order anywhere else while your order is in progress here. We don’t refund if you order anywhere after you placed an order here.



Some services are instant delivery and it will be done on working hours. For delivery Minimum time is 1 hour and maximum is 48 hours and it depends on chosen services and orders quantity. We always try to deliver asap and refund would be process if we can’t complete within specified time. We will intimate you if delay.