1. Is it safe for my social network profile?

Yes. We use 100% white hat methods to boost your network. We never hear that our services harmed any user who used our service.



2. Are u affiliated with social networks?

No. We’re not affiliated with any social media network.



3. Can i change/cancel my order?

Yes you can as long as we begin to process your order. You should contact us immediately after you ordered in case you need to make any changes.



4. Are the followers are active guys?

No. Since its cheap boosting service we can’t provide active human guys. The followers are inactive but they looks like real humans. They have profile picture, bio’s & everything except active guys.



5. Do u need my password of social network account?

No. We don’t need that. just submit your profile link on order confirmation page.



6. Should my profile be public?

Yes. We can’t send followers if your profile is public. Please check before order. We could not refund if u changed profile to private during your order is in progress. Please make a note of it



7. Are these likes and followers added all at once?

Our services are “drip-fed”. We deliver followers / likes gradually. This would look very natural, and you will not receive a flood of likes or followers in a short period of time.



8. Are the followers are permanent?

Yes. They are permanent but but you may experience 10 – 20% loss of followers in future. Its not sure but may happen. If you loose them in 30 days, I’ll refill it. Contact us if you got a loss of followers.



9. How long does it take for delivery?

It varies. Usually we deliver some services instantly during our working hours. Instagram likes, Facebook post likes, etc… are delivered instantly. Other services might take 24 hours for delivery. 48 Hours might be needed in case we have more orders.



10. How to track my order?

Please see “My account” page for tracking the order.